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Duncan Hines' Amazing Glaze

By June 23, 2011

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bottle of chocolate glaze

I found Duncan Hines Amazing Glaze on my store shelf a few weeks ago and wondered if the US had finally produced a "Kuvertür" like you find in Germany. Promptly purchased, it wasn't until this week that I had a chance to test it out on a cake.

"Kuvertür" or couverture is a chocolate product that is used to coat cakes such as the Sachertorte or candy. Because it is a bit fiddly to work with, most households use "Kakaohaltige Fettglasur" instead, which is formulated by the industry to look like couverture. It has cocoa powder, fats, sugar, milk powder and emulsifiers, which make it easy to melt and use. Most of the "Glasur" is sold in 100 or 200 gram packages which can be warmed in a water bath, kneaded, then poured directly over the cake. When it cools, it forms a hard chocolate crust with a satin luster. Chocolate and hazelnut are the most common flavors.

marble bundt cake with glaze

So here was a bottle with a pour spout with the words chocolate and glaze on it. It sure looked like it could be the real thing. I heated it in the microwave according to directions and squirted it over the warm, Bundt cake. Alas, the glaze is thinner than what I was looking for and tastes more like Hershey's syrup than the German "Glasur." It also dried funny. It wasn't hard, but had a jelly-like consistency to it, almost like you expect for a ganache.

Well, I should have known. The catch phrase on the bottle calls it, "A lightly decadent dessert topping," which leaves very little room for a crusty, chocolate coating. I'm sure it has its uses but not exactly on German cakes.

Photo © J.McGavin

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June 27, 2011 at 6:14 pm
(1) Christa Matthews says:

Well, it does not surprise me that this glaze is not what it is in Germany. Just think what lousy choclates we have here in the USA compaired to any country in Europe, I do not know what they put in Hershey’s chocolate but it sure does not taste like Milka or Lindt or any Belgium chocolate. I have to hunt all over to even find creme frache. Let alone a Kirschwasser. Never found it to make my original Black Forest Cake. Anyway, but we are still the greatest country of the good old USA. Christa Matthews

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