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Griess or Grieß - What's the Difference?

By April 2, 2010

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griessflammeri"Grieß" is a word for a special size of milled flour called grits which is often cooked into a breakfast cereal. In English, we call it farina or semolina, depending on the type of wheat (soft or hard) and then we also make a big deal about the size of the grain. Some semolina is ground as fine as flour and is great in pizza dough, giving it a special crunch, but not so good as a pudding or breakfast food.

Farina is most often encountered as "Cream of Wheat" and is made from soft wheat with lower gluten content. It cooks up very soft, but can be used for pudding in a pinch.

Ultimately, you want to find "Hartweizengrieß" or coarse semolina for your puddings and soup dumplings. Try the bulk bins at natural food stores or online stores such as Minos Imported Foods.

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September 22, 2012 at 9:08 am
(1) Andreas Schwab says:

Griess or Grieß – there is no difference: of your keyboard does not have a “ß” (a special German letter called “sharp s”), then you use double “s” instead. The Swiss always use “ss” where Germans and Austrians would use “ß”.

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