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German Specialties
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Fried Egg Cake (Spiegeleierkuchen)


This pudding and apricot topped cake has first time visitors to German bakeries doing a double take. 

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Bremen Style Stollen (Bremer Klaben)

Famous Breman, Germany style stollen recipe

Whirlpool Torte (Wirbel-Torte)

A roll up pull apart German whirlpool torte with flexible filling options

German Sand Cookies with Marzipan (Echte Heidesandplätzchen)

Convenient Marzipan Vanilla Lemon Slice and Bake Cookie Recipe

Poppy Seed Bread (Mohnstangen)

Simple recipe for white bread loaves covered with poppy seeds.

Streuseltaler German Pastry

German yeasted cake piled with streusel and topped with sweet sugar glaze.

Red Gooseberry Almond Torte

German Red Gooseberry Cream Almond Meringue Torte

Open Faced German Plum Tart - Pflaumenfladen

Low sugar open faced German prune plum tart

Fried Egg Cake (Spiegeleierkuchen)

Faux Food Fried Egg Cake with Apricots and Vanilla Pudding

Bavarian Lentil Soup

Easy Bavarian lentil soup made with simple ingredients.

German Caraway Meatballs (Kümmel Klops)

Recipe for Savory Spicy German Meatballs with Caraway Seeds

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