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Poppy Seed Rolls

Poppy Seed - Filled Rolls - Mohnkranzerl

Popular as a filling in baked goods, poppy seeds are a great way to brighten up your breakfast table.

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German Food Spotlight10

Sunken Sour Cherry Cake (Versunkener Sauerkirschkuchen)

Sour cherries, almond and chocolate come together in this cake for the perfect dessert.

Red Wine Onions (Rotweinzweibeln)

Turn red onions into a sexy sweet spread with this German recipe.

What is a Heideschnucke?

I love the word, "Heideschnucke," because it sounds like "schnuckelig," which means snug or cozy. This breed of sheep is anything but snug, however. The hair


Easter bread is a tradition in many different countries. This picture from about 1930 shows a woman from the Spreewald (south east of Berlin) in traditional

Did the Potato Famine affect Germany?

If it's one thing Germany is known for, it's all those many potato dishes. Dampfkartoffeln, Stampfkartoffeln, Kartoffelpuree, Kartoffelklösse,

Deli Rye Sandwich Bread

Bread Spice - Brotgewuerz

Brotgewuerz is the name for bread spice mixture used in Germany. It contains caraway and other spices.

Mashed Potatoes

If you like mashed potatoes for dinner, you should learn about the types the Germans talk about. Like the Eskimos having 20 words for snow (I think that's an

Bergkaese and Alpkaese

When you buy cheese from Switzerland, one of the marketing terms they like to throw around is that it's from the mountains, or "Bergkaese." You can find

Two Ways To Make Yogurt Cheese

Yogurt cheese can be made by removing the liquids from plain yogurt. It is often used in baking and as a quark substitute.

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